Why hasn't the County declared a State of Emergency?

The question has been raised as to why Williamson County has not issued shelter in place or other restrictions on businesses in the County. Williamson County, like all counties in the State of Tennessee that are not metropolitan governments, is limited to those powers and authorities expressly granted by the State of Tennessee. The powers of the County Mayor in a state of emergency are limited to evacuation of the unincorporated areas of the county or suspending procedures and processes pertaining to the procurement and contracting for the continued provision of government and emergency services. The County Mayor is also responsible for county buildings, except the jail, courthouse, library and landfill. Outside of these specific areas, the County Mayor does not possess the authority to close or restrict private business or the movement of the citizens of Williamson County, Tennessee.

The Mayor supports the actions of the Governor and Mayors of the cities of Williamson County in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Williamson County is committed to taking actions within its legal authority, to aid in containing this virus.

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